RIIHAN301E Operate Elevating Work Platform

RIIHAN301E Operate Elevating Work Platform

This Nationally recognised unit of competence was designed to ensure that the EWP operators are trained in the safe use and operation of various types of mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs).

RIIHAN301E Operate Elevating Work Platform is designed to provide operators with the skills and knowledge required to safely operate MEWPs and comply with State and Territory safety legislation.

Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) Regulations state that persons conducting business undertakings (PCBU) have a legal obligation under work health and safety laws to provide their staff, visitors and contractors with a controlled workplace.

The training is customized to suit various types of MEWPs depending on the equipment used.

BEST delivers on-site training and can issue statements of attainment for one or all three machines listed below provided they are available for practical assessment.

worksites include

Scissor Lift
Vertical Lift
Boom Lift less than 11m capacity

 While these are all classed as MEWPs, each one is different in its use and safe operation and therefore require separate assessments to be completed for each type.

After successfully completing the RIIHAN301E Operate Elevating Work Platform, the operator is issued with a Nationally Recognised Statement of attainment identifying the type or types of MEWP the operator has been assessed competent to use.