Issuance Policy

BEST will ensure in accordance with the AQF of the following:

  • Students receive the certification documentation to which they are entitled
  • AQF qualifications are correctly identified in certification documentation
  • AQF qualifications are protected against fraudulent issuance
  • A clear distinction can be made between AQF qualifications as non AQF qualifications
  • Certification documentation is used consistently across the education and training sectors
  • Students and others are confident the qualifications they have been awarded are part of Australia‚Äôs national qualification framework/AQF

Once you have been deemed competent either a statement for units of competency completed will be issued or on completion of the qualification you will receive a testamur and record of results.

Where a certificate reprint is requested a fee of $20 will be charged.

Record keeping

BEST keeps complete and accurate records of student attendance, results and company finances including refunds. The National VET Regulator requires that records of student results, qualifications and statements of attainment issued as well as the final summative result for each student must be kept for a minimum of 30 years. This should contain sufficient information to reproduce the qualification or statement of attainment if required.

BEST will securely retain and be able to produce in full at audit if requested to do so, all completed student assessment items for a student for:

  • A period of six months from the date on which the judgement of competence for the student was made