Complaints and Appeals

Appeals and Complaints

BEST will ensure the fair and efficient handling of any complaints should they arise. It will ensure

  • Each appeal and its outcome, is recorded in writing.
  • Each appellant has an opportunity to formally present his or her case
  • A re-assessment will be carried out, if necessary
  • Each appellant is given a written statement of the appeal’s outcomes, including reasons for the decision.

The CEO will endeavour to respond to your complaint or appeal in writing within 5 business days of receiving it.

If you are not satisfied with the response the National VET Regulator (NVR) can be contacted at:

ASQA info line on 1300 701 801 or email:


BEST will not tolerate misconduct under any circumstance and a student may be asked to leave the premises, (or the course), with no refund.

BEST will NOT tolerate:

Aggressive or dangerous behaviour

  • physically hurting someone
  • damaging resources or property
  • profane, offensive, intimidating or threatening language or behaviour
  • bullying, stalking or harassment
  • possessing a knife or other weapon

Drugs and alcohol abuse

  • smoking inside
  • arriving drunk or stoned for class
  • possessing illegal drugs


  • racism or sexism
  • homophobia
  • disrespect for religious or political beliefs and practices
  • general discourtesy

Non Co-operation

  • disrupting teaching & learning in class
  • not following the reasonable directions of staff
  • not following other BEST Policies and Procedures
  • unfairly damaging the reputation of BEST

Continuous improvement

Towards the end of the course each student will be asked to complete an evaluation/feedback form that looks at their level of satisfaction and ways of improving our services. Please take the time to complete this form accurately so that we can improve our products and services for all our clients. Under the Conditions of Registration we are required to provide data relevant to the measures of our performance.

The NVR Data Provisions Requirements 2011 require BEST to collect data on the quality indicators. The three indicators are as follows:

  • Employer satisfaction (competency development, and training and assessment quality)
  • Learner engagement (learner engagement and competency development)
  • Competency completion (the number of completions of qualifications and units of competency)

All feedback collected is anonymous and is treated in a secure and confidential manner at all times.

Access and equity

BEST applies access and equity principles to all potential and current students by providing timely and appropriate information, advice and support to assist them achieve their desired outcomes.

BEST promotes training and assessment services to the public in a non-discriminatory manner.

BEST ensures that staff is provided with appropriate information, training and resources to support the principles of access and equity.

BEST will ensure that all people have access to our education programs regardless of age, gender, sexuality, race, ethnic origin, political belief, religious belief, disability or disadvantage. If you have a hearing, vision or a physical disability (including any medical conditions) we will attempt to assist. Please let us know at the time of enrolment.